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El Paso - Wyler Aerial Tramway at Franklin Mountains State Park

1700 McKinley

The Wyler Aerial Tramway Franklin Mountains State Park features an aerial cable car situated on 195.742 acres of rugged mountain and rock formations on the east side of the Franklin Mountains.

Activities: Driving the paved road that snakes up the east side of the Franklin Mountains from the intersection of McKinley and Alabama streets is half the fun. The visitor arrives at a parking area that sits at an elevation of 4,692 feet. The view of El Paso, to the east, is magnificent. Here visitors can admire the beauty of cacti gardens or watch the tramway gondolas take off.

Visitors can purchase tickets at the tramway station to ride a gondola that will transport them to the top of Ranger Peak. The Swiss made gondolas travel on a 2,600 feet long, 1 3/8 inch diameter steel cable. While waiting to depart, the visitor can view part of the machinery and mechanism of the system through a window located on the south side of the base station. On the smooth ride to the top, the cabin attendant will describe the different cacti and rock formations along the way. Abundant wildlife, including reptiles, birds and insects, offer exciting viewing opportunities. The 4 minute ride soars above a vast canyon that is 240 feet deep in some places.

From Ranger Peak, 5,632 feet above sea level, the visitor can enjoy the view of 7,000 square miles encompassing three states and two nations. The tramway ride is a memorable experience offering a vista of the vastness and stark beauty of the southwest.

The station at the top provides accessible ramps and paved grounds leading into an observation deck with a 360 degree view. Pay per view high power telescopes enhance the experience.


Kristie Hurley

Monday, April 2, 2018
Great view from the top. The public can only ride the tram on their weekend hours. The lines can get long. Get there when they open on the weekend. It's a short ride up. You can walk around to see the great views and look in the gift shop. If the weather is good, you can checkin with a park ranger and do some light hiking around.

Team-Rudy Journeys & Reviews

Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018
Great spot to visit. Feels like you're on top of the world. On a hot day, the breeze feel great and the scenery is spectacular. Gift shop is a decent size and you may need a something to quench your thirst if you're here in the heat. Price is modest and affordable even for families. You can easily see across the border into Mexico on a clear day. A unique look over El Paso.

Noel Dejesus

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018
Great place to visit if you're in the El Paso TX area. Cost for the tram is $8.00 The views from above is truly impressive. Great place for photography if you're into it. Time is limited at the top which isn't what i expected. Overall, definitely go check this spot out. Parking is free but limited as well.

Marisa Lopez

Monday, Jan. 22, 2018
Love the views here. The employees are so informative and funny. Can't remember the gentleman's name but he made the individuals in my cart feel safe while dishing out some facts. He made us laugh all the way down and took the time to answer additional questions we had after we unboarded.

B Jeane

Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018
great hiking trails. directissimo trail was pretty intense. first Sunday of the month they've got the women's hike... free of charge, hike up with the rangers and free gondola ride down. highly recommend for beginner and advanced hikers.

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