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Lowden State Park

1411 N River Rd

One of the most picturesque sites along the Rock River is just north of Oregon in Ogle County. Legend has it that Chief Black Hawk, as he left the area after the Black Hawk War, talked of the beauty of the area and admonished his captors to care for the land as he and his people had. Lowden State Park was established to care for the land and allow visitors to share in the beauty as well. The park serves as a memorial to Gov. Frank O. Lowden, who served Illinois during World War I.

Just north of Oregon, the bluffs are graced with a majestic image of an American Indian gazing over the Rock River Valley. This is no ordinary statue. It is a 50 foot, concrete-reinforced wonder that is awe-inspiring. A tribute to all Native Americans, but more commonly associated with Chief Black Hawk, the statue was designed by sculptor Lorado Taft. You can enjoy many wonderful views of the Rock River from the park, but the best view of the statue is from IL Rt. 2. While the setting sun seems to bring the statue to life, it is a spectacular view any time of the day and during all seasons.


Skylar Moran

Saturday, June 9, 2018
The class C walk-in (tent) sites are the best I've found near Chicago. The Park only has a few trails but they are good, specifically on the bluffs. Usually easy to get a spot. It's convenient to drive across the Rock River to Oregon for a meal or supplies.

Troy Layne

Monday, July 2, 2018
We go here often to hike and alway enjoy how quiet it is here. There's not much in the way of people here and those that are here seem polite and keep things quiet. Cool little park to check out.

Joseph Sivits

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Exquisite park with great facilities. Good public lodging, amazing services, good camp atmosphere, and the facilities are just okay. I was surprised the the hiking and running trails, they were exceeding expectations, I would use this for a family gathering for sure, didn't, but I would. again, I didn't use this for a family gathering but I would.

michael stobaugh

Saturday, June 16, 2018
Pretty park and well maintained. But very tight passage (trees) through the campground and some sites would be impossible for me to get my 32' trailer backed into, even though it's advertised as being 40' deep. Lot's of shade, too!

Teri Smith

Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Pretty area went to see Chief Blackhawk statue. If it weren't so far we would bring the grandkids there to play. Lots of room for littles to burn up energy! I saw a sign for consessions but didn't look to see what they sold.

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