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Laclede - Locust Creek Covered Bridge State Historic Site

16957 Dart Road

Locust Creek Covered Bridge, built in 1868, once housed the nation's first transcontinental road, Route 8. Today, it is the longest of Missouri's four remaining bridges measuring 151 feet. The bridge was built out of white pine using the Howe-truss system, named for William Howe, who patented the design in 1840. The essential features of the design were its use of vertical iron rods to draw the diagonal wooden members tight against the top and bottom of the bridge. The bridge features arched entrances with ramps sloping away from both ends. 


Zeb Ayres

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Lovely spot. There had been some spring flooding prior to our visit, but you could still walk along the edge of the trail back to the bridge, about 1/4 mile. It's a quiet place, and the interpretive signs that are present do a good job explaining the history of covered bridges, the various construction types, and the importance of their preservation.

Stan Paxton

Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017
Photogenic covered bridge with a number of good vantage points!

Kristen Solares

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Beautiful and so peaceful

Linda Reed

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018
Nice drive

Shannan Gilbert

Saturday, April 6, 2013
Absolutely gorgeous place. My husband and I stopped here on the way to KC, when we seen the sign for it on the high way. There is a place to park, then you walk across a pedestrian bridge and down a trail before you come to the covered bridge. The area is kept maintained, so you don't have to walk in over grown weeds. And there is an information bored that gives you a little history on the bridge.(no restrooms in the area, unless you count good old nature) So gorgeous, that we are going back to have some family pictures taken there.

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