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Logan - Lake Logan State Park

30443 Lake Logan Road

One of the best fishing lakes in Ohio awaits sportsmen in Hocking County at Lake Logan State Park. The 400-acre lake sports northern pike, bass, bluegill, crappie, catfish and saugeye. Lake Logan is a 318-acre day-use park that provides scenic picnic areas and secluded walking paths to enjoy the wooded beauty of Ohio's hill country.


Lake Logan is located in Hocking County in southeastern Ohio. This territory once belonged to the Wyandot Indians, who had a large village known as Oldtown on the Hocking River, one mile above the city of Logan. Logan was established by Thomas Worthington in 1816 and named for the Mingo Chief, James John Logan, who was well known at first for his friendship with the whites and later for his bitter animosity toward them following the murder of his entire family by a frontier trapper named Greathouse.

The Hocking River provided sufficient water power for the purpose of operating grist and sawmills particularly at the falls above Logan. The town of Logan was slow to progress until the opening of the Hocking Canal, a branch of the Ohio-Erie Canal, in 1838. Several industries prospered due to the rich mineral resources of the Hocking Valley.

The discovery of immense quantities of coal led to the flourishing mining industry. Towns appeared and vanished as quickly as mines opened and closed.

It was soon found that iron ore could be extracted from the sandstone bedrock of the area. At its height during the Civil War, Ohio was the leading producer of iron for implements and weapons. No less than forty-six furnaces were firing in Ohio's six-county Hanging Rock Iron Region.

The clay soils of the Hocking Valley helped Ohio become a leader in clay products. The firebrick industry of the valley manufactured such products as clay tile, building and paving bricks and clay sewer pipe. Evidence of the industry can be seen in the many brick houses and abandoned kilns of the area. Clay is still an important industry in the region.

Lake Logan was developed in 1955 for recreational purposes. The area was administered by the ODNR Division of Wildlife until 1964, when jurisdiction was transferred to the Division of Parks and Recreation. Originally known as Hocking Lake, it was re-named Lake Logan to reflect the Indian heritage of the area and to avoid confusion with nearby Hocking Hills State Park and Forest.


Autumn Ritchiee

Saturday, April 14, 2018
Don't swim in this water, it's a nice scenery and peaceful place though. Just do not swim in this water. For your own health.

victoria mccarty

Monday, April 2, 2018
What great memories I have of going to Lake Logan at the child with my parents playing in the water with them meeting new friends and now I'm doing it with my nieces and nephews and I hope they get with their families and it's a fun place everybody's usually pretty friendly beautiful good fishing


Thursday, March 15, 2018
This park is in horrible shape. Trees and branches are down in the parking lot and the lot has potholes in it. I have never seen it so bad, before. I really feel bad for the people who have homes beyond this park. They have to drive through this mess to get to their driveway. Also, I wish the Sheriff and/or the Parks department would patrol this park, more often. Too many vehicles are in and out at all hours. If I could give ZERO stars, I would. Come on, please get this park cleaned up. My Grandparents lived on the road, that leads to this park, for years. This is the worst it has ever been. For this being a tourism county, this is terrible.

Rob Vincent

Monday, Feb. 26, 2018
Lake Logan State Park in Logan Ohio USA is always an excellent place to visit either alone or with your significant other your spouse your girlfriend loads of family or anybody wide open views and is very spacious with lots of places to sit and have a picnic lots of places to walk around close to the road beautiful views in the spring summer fall and definitely in the winter I have a great time whenever I'm out here oh, and there's tons of places to fish from which is the best

Cody Dew

Saturday, March 24, 2018
Very clean and fun to swim in. Water is brown but not dirty.wish they had more accommodations like restrooms and a shower

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