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Lake Logan State Park

30443 Lake Logan Road

One of the best fishing lakes in Ohio awaits sportsmen in Hocking County at Lake Logan State Park. The 400-acre lake sports northern pike, bass, bluegill, crappie, catfish and saugeye. Lake Logan is a 318-acre day-use park that provides scenic picnic areas and secluded walking paths to enjoy the wooded beauty of Ohio's hill country.


Lake Logan is located in Hocking County in southeastern Ohio. This territory once belonged to the Wyandot Indians, who had a large village known as Oldtown on the Hocking River, one mile above the city of Logan. Logan was established by Thomas Worthington in 1816 and named for the Mingo Chief, James John Logan, who was well known at first for his friendship with the whites and later for his bitter animosity toward them following the murder of his entire family by a frontier trapper named Greathouse.

The Hocking River provided sufficient water power for the purpose of operating grist and sawmills particularly at the falls above Logan. The town of Logan was slow to progress until the opening of the Hocking Canal, a branch of the Ohio-Erie Canal, in 1838. Several industries prospered due to the rich mineral resources of the Hocking Valley.

The discovery of immense quantities of coal led to the flourishing mining industry. Towns appeared and vanished as quickly as mines opened and closed.

It was soon found that iron ore could be extracted from the sandstone bedrock of the area. At its height during the Civil War, Ohio was the leading producer of iron for implements and weapons. No less than forty-six furnaces were firing in Ohio's six-county Hanging Rock Iron Region.

The clay soils of the Hocking Valley helped Ohio become a leader in clay products. The firebrick industry of the valley manufactured such products as clay tile, building and paving bricks and clay sewer pipe. Evidence of the industry can be seen in the many brick houses and abandoned kilns of the area. Clay is still an important industry in the region.

Lake Logan was developed in 1955 for recreational purposes. The area was administered by the ODNR Division of Wildlife until 1964, when jurisdiction was transferred to the Division of Parks and Recreation. Originally known as Hocking Lake, it was re-named Lake Logan to reflect the Indian heritage of the area and to avoid confusion with nearby Hocking Hills State Park and Forest.


Deborah Sims

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
After hiking at Hocking Hills all day this place was the PERFECT place of respite before driving a long way home. We were able to park near where the boats dock (and can be rented) and enjoy a picnic at the available picnic tables and grills. This was the perfect place to relax and enjoy each other’s company while watching the boats and wildlife.

Amanda Buehler

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Lake Logan offers beautiful scenery, the bass fishing/catfishing are pretty good, aaaaand that's about the extent of positive thing I have to say. Most of the issues I had with the park can all be summed up by saying, "This parks facilities need updated, and whoever is in charge of maintaining it needs fired. Immediately." There's so much potential here... just needs a little work

Chanin Dance

Tuesday, July 17, 2018
My husband and I rented a cabin here to be close to Hocking Hills. The lake itself is beautiful, but that's about it. I was hoping to wake up and walk the so called "trails" right down the road from our cabin and couldn't even FIND these TRAILS. First of all, there's no signs letting you know where they are, and then when you see what could POSSIBLY be a trail leaves you scratching your head asking "are they serious??" This place needs updated BAAAD!

Tara Kirk

Sunday, July 8, 2018
Water was disgusting. There were blobs of clear gel like substances and poop all over the beach. Anyone who was smart left within the first 20 minutes. Wouldn't recommend.

George Sexton

Saturday, June 9, 2018
Great place, little pricey but we'll worth it. Recommend to anyone, beautiful scenery. Great cabins. Awesome Awesome Awesome.

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