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Hermit Island Campground

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Back about 1684, it is recorded that Francis Small, for whom Small Point is named, had a trading house at the mouth of the harbor. Probably this was on the mainland just east of the so-called "Guzzle" of Hermit Island. Apparently our first settler lived a long and successful life, narrowly escaping death at the hands of attacking Indians.

By 1717 a sufficient number of new colonists had become residents of Small Point Harbor to hold the first town meeting of their newly organized Augusta. A stone fort was built "by the ingenious Dr. Belcher Noyes, at his own charge," who also "undertook a Fishery, sufficient to employ twenty vessels at a time.

This fishing venture was subsidized by bounty paid by the King of England and Bounty Cove Beach on Hermit Island thus acquired its name. It was on these steep rocky shores that the so-called Bounty Catchers landed from their wide swinging booms to collect their legal rewards from the King's agent.

Hermit Island never failed these hardy colonists but the Fort did. No water supply was provided within its walls and when a few years later Indians attacked with fire arrows, the defenders found themselves helpless.

The "Hermit" of Hermit Island was a real one. Sheep, "a nice flock," and a few cattle were his livelihood. He heartily disliked having people around and barred the door of his house against all comers -- even the town butcher, "who had to hide in the bushes, jump his man, and all but hold him down by force before buying his wool, mutton and beef.

The colonists and the Hermit are long gone, but the past remains linked to the Island. Inspiration, strength, peace and contentment gained at such hazards by these early settlers are now yours for the asking, on this great natural breakwater of the North Atlantic, this unspoiled beauty spot of the Gulf of Maine.


Vera Santos

Saturday, June 30, 2018
Ive been camping here almost every summer for 18 years and hope to go many many more times! The beaches are beautiful and the grounds are well taken care of. The hiking trails are a fun way to spend time and are worth the walking to get to certain beaches. Staff is always kind and amenities like the store and restaurant at the front of the island are just a few things that make this campground so unique. The bathrooms and showers are always clean as well.

Aavery Mundt

Friday, June 29, 2018
This lovely ocean side campground is ideal for family car and tent camping. It has a variety of interesting camp sights and is ideal for getting away for a few days without electronics as your cellphone probably won't work here. The facilities are well maintained and the staff is friendly and helpful. A wonderful spot not far from Popham Beach and other Maine coastal attractions.


Thursday, May 31, 2018
There are some amazing sites with awesome views and some that are steps from the beach but impossible to get. There are no limits on length of stay so some of the best sites are taken for the entire summer by the same people every year. Otherwise the rest are wooded and some are an easy walk to the beach. Be advised of LOTS of mosquitoes, and potential for rain, cold, and wind (this is camping in Maine). Also, stricter than usual rules and all facilities are not typically open until peak season.

Shye and Tristan Buck

Sunday, July 15, 2018
Aside from being the most beautiful scenery you've ever seen, it's a true escape from whatever your coming from. The ocean, the hiking, the locals. It's an amazing and gratifying experience for any family from anywhere and any economic situation.

W Pustilnik

Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018
Rustic camping. Clean. Excellent, committed staff. Most sites are great, some are AWESOME. A few next to roads are ok. Bathrooms are clean, but know they are rustic. Some excellent beaches. You can pre-order your Cooked Lobster. Reservations are a must and do what you can to be selective with your sites. Pre reservation is almost a lottery system starting in January, so you must jump in. Amazing place.

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