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Hazel Parker Playground

Hazel Parker Playground
70 East Bay Street

Hazel Parker Playground is a neighborhood favorite and one of the City of Charleston's most recently renovated parks. The Education Center facing East Bay Street offers programing year round. Although it is a medium-sized park in the heart of the peninsula, it has much to offer. It's location, the lower east side near the southern tip, lends itself to a beautiful walk in a fantastic part of town. One can usually find parking along Waterfront Park, a block away. It also has a small dog run at the northern end of the park.

The indoor recreational building was renovated in late 2008 and includes several multipurpose rooms with programing held year round.

The recreational building is staffed during certain hours. For more information about programs, such as language classes, summer camps and fitness classes, call 843-958-6485 or the general recreation line at 843-724-7327.

Restroom are usually available during staffed hours.

For those on a power walk, three favorites are right in line from each other: Battery Park, Hazel Parker Playground and Waterfront Park. It is an excellent jaunt for a parent and child in a stroller, as there are things to see and do in each of these excellent green spaces.

A renovation to the park gardens occured in April 2010. Plantings along the tennis courts and playground were updated, with the care being handled through Garden in the Parks. Park Angels and City of Charleston Recreation staff continue to volunteer time in caring for this space.

-- Tennis
-- Dog Run
-- Building
-- Playground
-- Baseball or Softball
-- Drinking Fountain
-- Park Benches
-- Off Leash Dog Area
-- Basketball
-- Picnic Tables

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