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Finger Lakes State Park

1505 E. Peabody Road

Status - Open
Area - Trail, Track
Land - State Park

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Geri Tisdale

Saturday, June 16, 2018
Very beautiful. Staff was nice and helpful. We camped here in our tent, with our dog, overnight. There is a swimming area, to swim at your own risk. Water was pretty clear and we saw a lot of fish. Camping with a tent is $13/night. We ended up leaving around 1am because of storms. Park is also easy to navigate. The area we stayed in had bathrooms and 3 showers.

Natasha Del Angel

Friday, June 29, 2018
Rocks here... it is one of the top 2 best ATV trail systems(Lake McClellan #1). From a main large 5.2 mile trail to massive amounts of smaller off main trail to a fabulous motocross track(atv use too) to a great camp site #11 to a nice camp host Mr. Bill. The swim hole with rope down to it is most refreshing in 100 degree heat. Can't say enough about this place. Downfall in the heat is the helmet rule. Don't forget your orange flag.

Joshua Stanfast

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Great riding area for locals, but I wouldn't travel from far and wide as you can ride every trail multiple times in a day. It would be nice if we could develop the smaller riding area across the road from the small lake into a single track only area. This would offset the new initiative to widen all the trails making it simply not any fun for the dirt bikers (I own a sidexside and a dirtbike and used to get annual passes every year here). What really decreases the star rating is the lake. The lake is in bad shape, which I hope improves since they are done with dam repairs and the water level will increase. The water smells like sewage and leaves you feeling just slimy. This was made worse by the shape of the rental kayaks. The one we got had enough holes in to allow us to get about 1/2 mile away and realize we're sinking forcing us to beach randomly to bail water and let it drain from the inside of the kayak.

Alena Markley

Saturday, July 7, 2018
Loved camping here! My husband and son loved the track & trails! Looking forward to our next trip in August!

Denise Sumler

Saturday, June 9, 2018
The park ranger was very rude. There are ways to tell people nicely about the rules and regulations without being rude. He told us that we couldn't ride with our children and then turns around and tells us that he's not running us out. Wth. Will never return.

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