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Durham Central Park

Durham Central Park
501 Foster Street

The mission of Durham Central Park is to create and sustain a unique urban park to engage the Durham community. We accomplish this mission by focusing our efforts on Natural Beauty, Public Art, Community Events, and Recreation. The park has revitalized the Durham neighborhood by bringing residents together to enjoy life together outdoors, and the continuing development of the park is driven by this unique community.

We hope to continue engaging the Durham community in the future by providing the citizens of Durham with an exciting downtown destination that offers a venue for cultural activities and is part of a 24-hour, authentic, walkable neighborhood for arts, recreation, and locally-owned businesses. This park is open for you everyday, so come check out the Farmer's Market on Saturdays, the special events at the Pavilion (or hold your own), play some music in the Leaf, walk through the gardens, or just bring your family and friends to enjoy the outdoors on the lawn. This park is here for you and your neighbors.

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