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Brecksville - Cuyahoga Valley National Park

15610 Vaughn Road

The park's mission statement pulls key language from the park purpose set by the law the created the park in 1974: To preserve and protect for public use and enjoyment the historic, scenic, natural, and recreational values of the Cuyahoga River Valley, to maintain the open space necessary for the urban environment, and to provide for the recreational and educational needs of the visiting public.



Sunday, April 8, 2018
All of our Cuyahoga Valley parks are beautiful. They all are unique. The trails are well marked and clear and there are many choices for you. I was allowed to bring my dog to certain parks, it made it really nice. He has a great time there (If you bring your dog, don't forget to clean up after them!!) We are so blessed to have such an excellent park system so close.

Kattie Baker

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
I always make sure to stop and hike at Cuyahoga when I'm near Cleveland and stretch my legs. The gigantic mossy rock formations are always majestic and worth exploring. I hope to take some extended time to investigate more of the park. It's huge! So far I've hiked the Ledges trail, gone to the Brandywine Falls overlook and meandered along a few interconnected trails by the Happy Days Lodge. Gorgeous!

Julia Drury

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
This place is incredible. My sister did her engagement photos here and I don't know why you'd go anywhere else! I had no idea this park featured so many different landscapes and cool buildings. I ran cross country meets here in high school and my boyfriend's family goes skiing at Boston Mills on the other side of the park. It's far from me but it's so worth the drive for all the beautiful trails and great amenities. I'd give it 6/5 stars if I could!

Ben Trevor

Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018
I like this park. It has easy, shady hiking trails, some nice waterfalls to check out, and it's a pretty convenient location. It's just . . . it doesn't feel like a national park to me. Every other national park I've been to has something--something remarkable, something unique, something stunningly memorable. Cuyahoga Valley has nothing like that. It's just a nice park.

Lou C

Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018
This park system is always well kept and clean. There are plenty of places to go for individuals of all ages including nature centers, historic sights, and scenic highlights. My favorite thing to do is feed the birds each spring at the nature center! Plenty of good trails and fun events as well.

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