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Chapin Park

2466 East MacArthur Road

Chapin Park encompases a 190 acre area at Hydraulic and MacArthur and features the citiy's first dog park. The park is also used by the Wichita Radio Control Club for model airplane flying. A mountain bike trail, 6' wide gravel walking trail and parking lots have been added to the park.

 - Dog park
 - Restroom
 - Mountain bike trail
 - Gravel walking trail
 - Model airplane flying area


Lee Brown

Saturday, July 28, 2018
This is a large park. There are several benches and some shaded areas for the dogs to cool off. There is running water during the warm months and there containers to fill for the dogs. My dog loves to run and play with the other dogs that come in! He always comes home exhausted!!!

Nhung Tran

Sunday, June 17, 2018
A nice place to take your dogs. There's about 3 parking lots to park your car. At the dog park, there's 2 fenced lots for big and small dogs, and porta potties. The small dog enclosure is nicer but the big dog enclosure is 2x larger. There's also a mobile plane park. Near the shaded area of the park, there's a new playground set with a bathroom building (I assume it's a bathroom). There's a lot of paved trails and non-paved ones. The paved path takes you across the bridge, along the highway and river, then under the highway, and connects to a neighborhood park, Garvey Park. The non-paved one takes you around the dog park.

melissa campbell

Monday, July 2, 2018
Big dog park and long trials. Can you please mow the trails though? I prefer not to come across a snake while walking my dog.

Linda Kurth

Friday, April 27, 2018
Large park. People are friendly. No place to sit and enjoy the park. Very very little shade and no trees. This park has been open for years and still no trees! Last time i was there with my dog it had not been mulched at all so there were still stickers everywhere. Had to practically carry my dog away from the stickers. Wichita is so very behind the times for the pet community. Not a dog friendly town at all. Thumbs down.

Jeff Gropp

Monday, April 30, 2018
Large fenced area for small dogs. Large dog area is twice the size of the small dog area. There are covered shade areas for the dogs, humans just have benches w/out shade. There are water fountains for the puppies. Never over crowded and the owners are really friendly and actually monitor and control their puppies.

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