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Cabwaylingo State Forest

4279 Cabwaylingo Park Road

Cabwaylingo State Forest is located on 8,123 heavily forested acres in the heart of Southern West Virginia in Wayne County. Built largely in the 1930's, the forest gets its unique name from the four surrounding counties:CABell, WAYne, LINcoln, MinGO.

Cabwaylingo State Forest is steeped in the history of the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930's and 1940's. The CCC camps including Cabwaylingo, were established to rebuild forested acres which in turn marks the beginnings of the West Virginia State Park system.


Erin Thompson

Sunday, July 1, 2018
How time seems to have forgotten this once great park. It is still clean, for the most part, but not as meticulous as it once was. The picnic shelters have been allowed to over grow, the trail system is much the same. While the river is nice to wade in, there are places where there is a collection of trash that makes it undesirable to bother with. The biggest let down, especially for the campers who are brave enough to enjoy the beauty in spite of the lack of amenities, is that the pool sits empty and forgotten.

Ed Decker

Friday, June 8, 2018
We really want to leave more than three stars, but if you read all of our review you may understand. My wife and I stayed at one of Cabwaylingo's cabins for 7 days this year. Having spent at least a week at other WV State Parks over the past few years (twice at Babcock, Once at North Bend, once at Bluestone.) We found the cabins in various states of maintenance, with Cabwaylingo being the latest to receive some needed improvements--paint on the walls inside and out, very clean, floors polished and free from dirt. The staff was exceptional in their willingness to help us feel at home. Highlights? The people, no doubt about it! Rose, who manages the camp office was very friendly and responsive to any reasonable request. Eugene, another staffer, was extremely knowledgeable; more than willing to provide whatever information or assistance we requested; we felt he was very invested in the continued improvement and success of Cabwaylingo. I had an opportunity to view some of the other cabins at the Park; clearly there's an ongoing effort to upgrade and remodel the cabins as funds and workers become available. We viewed the interior of one of the cabins that had been attractively modernized and renovated with new electrical system, new kitchen cabinets,appliances, new bath, and more, yet it retained most of the original look and rustic charm of the CCC-built structure. _____________ Our only significant complaint is the access road to our cabin, which was the only road to the group of cabins where ours was located. We rode our motorcycle with cargo trailer to the park and were a little dismayed at the road, which (in addition to being in some places completely covered with moss and evergreen debris) was a single lane with very few wider spots for a vehicle to pull to the side and let another vehicle pass. Add to that the steepness of the first section of the road and its slippery condition even when dry, you have a very scary situation for a rider and passenger. On our last evening as we entered the park, we fortunately happened to look across the creek to see a minivan traversing the only road to the group of cabins of which ours belonged--so we waited for it to complete its passage to the two-lane blacktop. I shudder to imagine how we could have avoided a collision or a fall over the sheer dropoff, had we met the minivan coming toward us while we were climbing the slippery hill. In our experiences at Babcock State Park, Bluestone State Park, and North Bend State Park, we also had issues with the access roads. It is not uncommon to see a large motorhome or truck pulling a 5th-wheel travel trailer, yet meeting ANY vehicle other than a motorcycle coming from the opposite direction could potentially be a serious problem along the narrow asphalt access roads to cabins or campgrounds. Since we are West Virginia natives who happily ride nearly 600 miles from where we now reside to visit the state's beautiful hills and meandering highways, we hate to discourage anyone from an opportunity to appreciate the scenery and friendly culture John Denver memorialized so well in "Almost Heaven, West Virginia." Despite our concerns we remain hopeful that somehow funds can be found to upgrade and preserve the gorgeous settings and natural beauty of West Virginia's state parks, including Cabwaylingo.

Christina Shannon

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017
I love Cabwaylingo its perfect for a get away and the Mountains are beautiful to walk my daughter loves to play on all the play ground equipment and to wade the streams it is beyond refreshing and so much fun perfect place to go and relax love love love it

Vicki Jones

Thursday, June 8, 2017
Best place EVER to spend time getting back to your roots. Layed back, quiet atmosphere of a lush and beautiful forest where you and your loved ones can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of ordinary, everyday life and get connected to nature by taking a jogging trail through the forest, or hike to one of the many covered log pavilions with gorgeous stone fireplaces. Fishing, swimming, camping sites, cabins, games are also available


Thursday, May 3, 2018
Beautiful place to visit!

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