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Border Field State Park

1500 Monument Rd

Border Field State Park is on the very southwestern corner of the United States and 15 miles south of San Diego. Border Field is located within the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve, an important wildlife habitat. The sand dunes and salt marshes give refuge to critically threatened and endangered birds such as the Western Snowy Plover, the California Least Tern, and the Light-footed Clapper Rail.

The park provides restrooms, picnic areas, barbecues, horse corrals, and interpretive displays.  Visitors enjoy beach combing, hiking, horseback riding, and bird watching.  The Park does not recommend swimming or wading, due to hazardous conditions, such as inshore holes, rip currents, and the lack of lifeguard service within the Park. 


Martique Johnson

Thursday, June 21, 2018
This is a beautiful park that is well maintained and preserved. There's plenty to see from views of the ocean, to bird watching, to looking at the greenery and more. This place can also be romantic during the sunset and has no waste laying around in the cracks and crevices. This park is exactly how uninhabited land should look, gorgeous.


Thursday, June 28, 2018
It's. Amazing yet sad experience. How many people every single day try to cross over the border. This park is right has where people can see their families on weekends from the other side of Mexico thru a gate.

Descendencia De Rancho

Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017
Quite a touristic place. The trails South to the parking lot are prohibited unless you don't mind a little excitement like me. Border Patrol will stop you all of the time but gently ask you to keep moving because of motorcycle activity and patrolling. The 2 mile walk to the park is a must to enjoy the full experience. Like always when walking trails take some food and water and enjoy your stepping. 👍

Bryan Auza

Sunday, June 17, 2018
Border Field California State Park is the southwestern most area of the continental United States. It contains a very diverse ecosystem of wetlands and coastal areas that is part of the Tijuana River Estuary. The wetlands have been designated "A Wetland of International Importance" by the United Nations International Ramsar Convention of 2005, and any person who is envionmentally concious and a nature lover can understand why it is when visiting the park. Access to the park is $5 by vehicle. The park is open generally until sunset. There is an area you can park outside the gate and walk inside to gain access to the beach and the main area, but it is quite a walk. Worth it if you are a botanist or flower enthusiast. The main area on Monument Mesa has parking, restrooms, BBQ's and picnic tables(no pun intended) as well as the gates to the Friendship Park and the Bi-national Garden. The beach has a dunes area that is fenced off to protect the endangered and threatened bird species nesting area, and does not have an on duty lifeguard. Swimming is not recommended due to no lifeguard on duty and several hidden geographical hazards. Birdwatchers, horseriders, bicyclists, and hikers have several options to witness and explore the park during open hours. To note of great importance: This park is along the US-Mexico border and US Customs Border Patrol Agents continuously monitor and patrol the area. You can see through the fence that the people on the other side are people. Humans that are no different than those of us on this side of the border and enjoying a day at the beach. I myself had an enjoyable time here on a beautiful lazy Sunday afternoon this past Memorial Day Weekend. Perhaps it is time for you to explore the park and make some memories here?

evan chen

Monday, June 4, 2018
Super fun ride through brush and trees. Colorful blooming flowers along the way

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