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Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park

10299 Maysville Rd

On January 25, 1927 Blue Licks State Park became Kentucky’s fifth state park. Judge Samuel Wilson of Fayette County, chairman of the Blue Licks Battlefield Monument Commission, presented a deed for thirty-two acres to the Kentucky State Park Commission on behalf of local citizens who had donated the land. Located north of the Lower Blue Licks Crossing in present day Robertson County, the site of the Battle of Blue Licks enshrines the memory of the men who died in one of the worst military defeats of the American Revolution.

Blue Licks now has 148 acres and over 50 campsites with water and electricity. Each August, the park hosts a reenactment of the Battle of Blue Licks. One unique feature of the park is the existence of a rare plant. The Short’s Goldenrod is the first plant in Kentucky placed on the endangered species list of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The plant is named after amateur botanist Dr. Charles W. Short.


Skye Fister

Sunday, April 29, 2018
The hiking trails were well maintained and easy enough for our 3 year old. We spent an amazing morning hiking and learning history. The gift shop in the lodge was beautiful and the staff was so sweet. She wasn't annoyed by our 3 kids changing their minds and taking forever. We ended the day eating lunch at the lodge restaurant. The food was yummy and the buffet was well priced. The wait staff was helpful and kind as well. All in all a great day!

Amanda Howard

Sunday, June 17, 2018
My family and I went to the pool yesterday. It was an absolutely disastrous experience. I have never been more appalled by how we were treated by staff. Both the life guards and park ranger were nasty and rude repetitively and argued with us through our time there. This was all because the guards refused to allow anyone in the pool for 35 minutes and we had the audacity to ask questions. Typing out the entire experience would take far more time than I am willing to invest. But I wouldn’t go back to any part of this park simply because of the park ranger. I would avoid this place at all costs.

D. Dressman

Friday, May 18, 2018
We drive 86 mi. to eat there. Nice Sunday drive. Great food. The staff is the best. We are handicap now, and the staff goes extra to help. Five stars indeed. Thanks to everyone at Blue Licks!

Ronna Howard

Sunday, May 13, 2018
We have been a part of this park since I was born. In earlier years it offered so much. Large swimming area, lots of camping and picnicking areas. Trails to explore, mini golf and play areas for the little ones. We loved going there. Then they built the Worthington Center. At first the food was very good. However, they have changed management, and the food has really suffered. It's way too expensive. And it just doesn't taste good. When we were there for a family members birthday dinner recently, some of the family didn't get their orders for well over half an hour and it was brought to them cold.Also in recent years they have taken the fossils and other items out of the museum and replaced them with. It's not worth seeing now.

Amber Coe

Thursday, July 12, 2018
Simple and beautiful. Rooms are clean and comfortable; much like a wonderfully secluded mom n' pop motel. The lodge has a geothermal HVAC system, which is very nice. Excellent bang for your buck!

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