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Craig - Big Lake State Park

204 Lake Shore Drive

Cool waters and abundant wildlife make Big Lake State Park a place to get away in northwest Missouri. Visitors can canoe and jet ski on the state's largest oxbow lake that adjoins the park or watch for smooth soft-shelled turtles lazing away the day in the park's marsh. Big Lake is a wetland that migrating birds use as a resting stop, affording bird watchers an unparalleled opportunity to see yellow-headed blackbirds, blue herons, soras and rails. Take advantage of the campingopportunities while you are there. 


Sheryl Mason

Monday, March 5, 2018
Awesome place to camp, just wish it wasn't so hard to get down to the water from the camping area and had some place at the camping area to park the jet ski and the boat.

KnuckleDraggerzRatRodz Ratattude

Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018
Nice place lots of up grades since floods. Great day fun for familys

Stacy Franklin

Monday, July 10, 2017
This is an odd place. There is indeed a big oxbow lake here. The problem is the lake is surrounded by private housing, and these people PARTY on the weekend. There is no tranquility here. The park staff seem like they let the locals run the show. As someone looking for a quiet camping getaway I was disappointed by the disrespectful other "campers" in the park. Children literally everywhere with no parents in sight, bikes strewn in the road, screaming until way after quiet hours, and I swear the parents just didn't care. Adults were just as bad; but I had the pleasure of experiencing them intoxicated in one form or another. I thought I would rent a kayak, but the lake traffic was crazy. Didn't really feel there was much to kayak to considering most of the lake was people's homes.

Zeb Ayres

Tuesday, Sep. 5, 2017
Interesting place. Like Lewis and Clark State Park, this is a lake whose shoreline is mostly private residences, with a little bit carved out for the park. You might guess that could make for a less than 'peaceful' state park experience. The facilities looked well-kept, and the lake itself looked inviting.

Jen M

Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017
The staff were helpful and accommodating. Kayaking was affordable and equipment was in great shape. The camp sites were as described and restrooms/shower facilities better than expected. However nothing can make up for the disgusting state of "Big Lake." There is trash at every turn and water visibility is about 2 inches.

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