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Circleville - A.W. Marion State Park

7317 Warner Huffer Road

The rolling woodlands and quiet waters of A.W. Marion State Park offer visitors a welcome escape from the rigors of everyday life. This small (309 acres) but unique park offers a variety of recreational activities while maintaining a quiet atmosphere of natural serenity.


Long before A.W. Marion became a state park, this area had developed an amazing history. Due largely to the fertile soils of the Pickaway Plains, which are said to contain the richest land in Ohio, early inhabitants were attracted here. The Adena culture were among the first to settle the area 2,000 years ago.

An ancient circular earthworks on the site of what is now the city of Circleville (hence the name) gave evidence to their presence. In more recent times the villages of Chief Cornstalk of the Shawnee nation were located on these plains. These same villages were the object of attention of Lord Dunmore, Governor of Virginia, who in 1774 marched his army within striking distance of the Indians His intention was to destroy the villages and end the uprising that had resulted in the Battle of Point Pleasant days earlier. At the request of the Indians, a peace settlement was agreed upon before any more fighting occurred.

In 1948, construction began on the dam for Hargus Creek Lake. By 1950, the area became part of the newly created Division of Parks and Recreation. In 1962, the park was renamed the A.W. Marion State Park in honor of the first director of the Department of Natural Resources, a Pickaway County native.


Ed Massie

Monday, April 9, 2018
I absolutely love kayaking here. I fish too but I'm not very good so I haven't had the best of luck, but even if I don't catch a single fish I still enjoy just being out on this beautiful body of water

Gary Daniels

Monday, April 2, 2018
Great hiking trails campgrounds could use some help but all in all great place to go

Bob Fox

Monday, Feb. 26, 2018
One of my favorite places to go hiking and I live in the Hocking Hills by all of the Hocking Hills state parks and caves.

Ed Monett

Friday, April 6, 2018
I visited this place in full spring flood weather and there were a bunch of sloppily cut down trees laying around, but I can't wait to come back and hike the five mile perimeter trail.

Aubree Cherie Davis

Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017
My family of 5 did the 5 mile hiking trail (4 month old and 2 year old in carriers, almost 4 yr old walked the whole thing). All in all its beautiful, the blue trail follows the edge of the lake plus goes along the streams/creeks that are connected. We hope to do it again although it was at the edge of what our kids could handle. Some warnings. Some of the bridge material is lacking, we had the jump over the water at times (2 times it was wider than our strides and we got our feet wet). There was also quiet a bit of mud, but we had had rain within 24 hrs of taking the hike. Signs/maps are just okay. They do mark the trees with a blue mark once in the woods but never having been there we had a hard time finding where the trail started!

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