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Candler - Asheville West KOA

309 Wiggins Road


Ashley Bishop

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Do NOT recommend staying here. Save yourself some stress and drive to the East Asheville KOA. The west one is horrible (think Wicked Witch of the West bad as that’s exactly how I think of the majority of their staff). In all of my camping experiences as a family, the is the absolutely worst one I’ve ever stayed at. First, I’ll start out with the “non-personal” issues. To start, campground is extremely spread out and playground is a good ways away from both “camping areas” so it gives you concerns on allowing your children to go play on the playground without you going with them. It’s at the bottom of hill surrounded pretty much by woods. Another big issue is how close it is to Hwy 40. You constantly hear Hwy traffic, even at night. Slept with an air machine and could still hear it. The playground and the trails are very close to Hwy 40 and I did not see a fence that separates the campground from the hwy--just woods. Another bad thing is the smell; it’s a papermill nearby which I understand cannot be helped but it does take away from your experience with it smelling like sewer. Now with my personal reasons of never returning: Granted there were some issues that we had to correct with our kids (some of which I question were the truth; nonetheless; we addressed it with them) but the others were 100% targeted as to FIND things (and even make up things) that we were doing wrong. One of these is that the owner was told our dogs attacked another dog. This 100% untrue, a complete lie. Our dogs were tied up and a “lady” (worker) was walking by with her dogs on a runner and as dogs do, they start barking at each other. Her dogs were JUST as aggressive as ours in the event that they were running toward each other and barking. Just because her dogs were smaller does not mean they weren’t being aggressive. However, regardless of all the barking, our dogs did not TOUCH any other dog at the campground; all weekend. The staff also told the owner we left dog poop on our campsite. This is also another complete bold lie. As we were literally closing in the slides to our camper, I saw 3 piles and and had to open the camper back up to get a bag to clean these piles up. Also walked around to ensure that was all that was left. These were my main issues but there were several others: were told we couldn’t use the swings near the cabins even only 1 of 5 were occupied on Friday evening, children told they couldn’t use the game room with an adult, children were being loud within NON-QUIET hours, and several other things. Again, some things we DID address with our kids as giving them the benefit of the doubt but overall, it was a witch hunt and most definitely not family friendly. The KOA East is not only more family friendly, a better environment all together with a river, lake, TRUE gameroom, close playground (to most sites) and plenty of other amenities. Trust me, do yourself a favor and pick another campground.

John and Dana Ogorzalek

Friday, April 20, 2018
Excellent west side park, to be out of the traffic of Asheville,l for when departing to I-40 West, but close enough to see the sights in Asheville. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Patricia Albert

Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017
This is a lovely Campground and the staff are exceptional. I very much appreciated the dog park area. We came in the fall and it was wet so we didn't get to try the trail, but they have a lot of nice walking trails. The biggest problem with this park is the noise coming off of Highway 40. If you wear good earplugs it won't bother you at all. All in all I would recommend this camp.

Heather Nance

Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018
Great place! Warm and friendly staff, very clean facilities, convenient access to many attractions in the area. Enjoyed our stay and we will be back!


Thursday, March 22, 2018
Front desk very friendly and helpful, great rates, some noise from the highway but tolerable, easy access to Asheville. Clean restrooms, showers and laundry. Will return next time we're in Asheville.

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