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Arcadia Beach State Recreation Site

South of Cannon Beach

A shady grove just off the highway and a few feet from the sandy ocean beach below, Arcadia State Recreation Site is located a mile south of Cannon Beach.   Take a lunch break on your way north or south, or plan for a day at the beach.  Bring your blanket, kick off your shoes and feel the waves lapping at your ankles.  Explore the beach and its tidepool areas to the north and south.  Or watch for surfers just off shore.  Please remember to keep an eye on the ocean, know if the tide is coming in or going out and explore tidepool areas gently and safely. 

Arcadia’s beach stretches for more than a mile between two headlands.  Just a short distance to the north is Humbug Point, with Lion Rock just off the point.  To the south is Hug Point.  Both headlands can only be passed at low tide.  Humbug Point was named by pioneers because it was often confused with Hug Point, the next headland south and the most difficult headland to round when traveling south along this stretch of coast.  If you have the luck to explore during low tide, .6 mile further north, past an off shore rock called Jockey Cap, is Silver Point, so named for the color of the weathered spruce trees on the bluff. 

Notice the sandstone bluffs to the east and in cut-away places off the bluffs.  These sandstone areas were once underwater and only recently uplifted.  The pressures exerted on them from the uplift can be observed in the tilted and twisted patterns of layered rock.  In addition, wind, sea and rain have eroded the landscape and continue to do so today.


Mink Mink

Saturday, May 19, 2018
Beautiful stop along Highway 101. Easy path down to the beach. Nice view from the top as well. Picnic tables there should you like to sit and have a nice bite to eat while enjoying the view! Enjoy!

Jackii Sovern

Monday, June 11, 2018
Arcadia Beach was such a beautiful spot to stop at. Really worth getting out of your car and walking all around the area! When we were there it was a lot less populated than the area around Cannon Beach & Haystack Rock.

Charles Strong

Friday, April 20, 2018
Just plain wow. I mean what can I say. It's Arcadia. The views are beautiful and its just a relax. You don't ever want to leave until it's time to take a nap. Got to go back again soon to visit the beach and fly a massive kite.

Dannie Aasted

Thursday, June 14, 2018
Busy beach and not a lot of parking. Beautiful though and if you walk far enough you can away from crowd

John Waters

Sunday, May 27, 2018
Great beach. Beer okay. Don't leave a message tho. You all are adults.

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