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America's 20th Century Veterans' Memorial

America's 20th Century Veterans' Memorial
221 East 5th Street

The monument is located in Iron Horse Park at a point where Interstate 80 crosses U.S. Highway 83 in North Platte, Nebraska. This prominent location and the easy access from these heavily used travel arteries make it convenient for thousands of interested individuals to pause for a commemorative moment at the Veterans' Memorial park.

The Memorial Monument highlights:

  • All of the Men and women who served before and during the Twentieth Century and those who serve now.
  • Each branch of the armed forces of the United States.
  • A graphic depiction of all of the armed conflicts of the Twentieth Century.
  • A very special commemoration of those men and women from the Nebraska area who gave their lives for the winning of peace and the maintaining of peace during this highlighted Twentieth Century.
  • A fitting recognition of those wonderful people who developed and served the Canteen that encouraged more than six million military men and women as they passed through North Platte on troup trains during World War II.

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