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Agate Beach State Recreation Site

NW Oceanview Dr

Diggers, this park's for you! Razor clamming is a favorite activity as well as surfing. If you plan to visit prime Newport attractions like the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Hatfield Marine Science Center, you must stop in for a refreshing picnic at Agate Beach.

Agate Beach Wayside is situated between the new and old highway 101. There is a large parking lot with room for trailer parking. The beach access trail consists of a tunnel that goes underneath the old highway 101 to a large sandy beach area.

Park History

The wayside was purchased from the Lincoln County Development Company in 1969 after litigation.

Acreage: 18.48

Annual dayuse attendance: 204,764


Josh Dalton

Thursday, July 5, 2018
You've got to check out this beach! It has it all. Yes, lots of sand, but also whale watching, rocks to climb on, tide pools to explore, and light houses and bridges to view. We stopped for a day, BUT stayed for a week (yes, that's how great it is). At night there are fires on the beach to enjoy. We stopped over the 4th of July and people were even lighting off fireworks on the beach, so cool. Until we meet again...

James Williams

Thursday, June 14, 2018
A small but wonderful area in Newport, OR. The area is home to the historic Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, which sits at the highpoint of the recreation site. It overlooks the beach below which boasts small sand dunes and the North Jetty. There is parking where the road passes through the main site, though it could possibly get a bit crowded on busy summer days. The area around the lighthouse has a number of picnic tables for those who want to spend time eating and taking in the sights. One of the highlights at this site is an overlook which is comprised of a wooden deck. From here, you can see the historic Yaquina Bay Bridge in its entirety spanning the bay. You can also see the North and South Jetty, which marks the channel for Naval vessels to make safe passage in and out of the harbor. One of the best times to see the bridge is just before sunrise. In the instances I have gone during that time, very few people were there. Sunrise from the lookout is beautiful...but it doesn't end there. That's the time all of the fishing vessels start departing the harbor. There's also a good chance to see a Coast Guard vessel as well. On my last visit, I observed 30 vessels departing the harbor. You can also follow a sidewalk next to the main road and walk under the bridge. The sidewalk will actually take you down to the bayfront if you follow it far enough. Great place. A lot to see, and a bit of history.

Tom Raines

Sunday, July 8, 2018
I *always* love this place for it's incredible tide pools but the staff here is awful. They are rude and unhelpful 90% time. I would recommend to anyone ofc but the staff could really take a minute and explain. I just wished they could be more help to out of state people.

Lost Child

Sunday, July 8, 2018
It's over all a really cool place to visit . Mo's restaurant was awesome the food was great Aye thanks to all of you for helping me and my family have a great trip to the coast.

Kaylynn Davis

Sunday, April 15, 2018
My 6 year old wanted to go tide pool searching for a purple star fish. We went when the tide was out so we got to explore a lot and found many purple and orange starfish as well as lots of other sea life! Such a fun experience for the entire family.

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